Art Attack is the third episode of Season Two of Impractical Jokers and the twentieth episode overall. It aired on September 20, 2012 and it had a total of 1.72 million U.S. viewers. This was the third early Season 2 episode before the official premiere episodes.


The guys try get strangers to hold their hands in a park, annoy the patrons at a comic book store, participate in a competitive race down an aisle at a grocery store, and try to get strangers to volunteer their time for an odd event.


Give Me A Hand

Goal: Hold hands with a stranger.
Loser: Sal couldn't get an old Asian man to hold his hand.

The jokers must get somebody to hold their hand in the park

This Book Will Self-Instruct

Goal: Complete three actions in the book.
Loser: Joe couldn't get close enough to bump crotches with a guy.

The jokers are in a comic book store and they have to find a comic book especially made for them by the other jokers and perform three acts that are stated in the book.

Touch and Go

Goal: Cross the finish line in 45 seconds.
Loser: Murr tried to cross using a shopper, but couldn't get him to move and make it in time. In fact, Murr never left the starting line after his "fool-proof plan" failed.

The jokers are in a grocery store and they have to cross a finish line in 45 seconds, but they have to be touching somebody to move.

Involuntary Actions

Goal: Get a person to volunteer.
Loser: Murr failed to get a woman to sign up for the Help A Kid Shut Up For Once Bake Sale.

The jokers have to get somebody to volunteer for their fake charities.


Loser: Murr
Punishment: Murr has to explain pieces of art the other jokers made for him. The 3 sculptures were a timer that countdown of when not to love, a dummy with Murr's blanket in which he stills sleeps with, and a glistening black man.