Benjamin Cat is a man in a black cat suit the other jokers use to torment Sal. It made many surprise appearances, some of them in Sal's punishments, and it appears on the intro of the show in Sal's part.

It is not known what the actor in the suit looks like.




  • Inside Jokes and Virtual Insanity revealed that the cat's name is Benjamin. Prior to that, it was known as the Human Sized Cat.
    • He is one of two fictional characters to be based from someone real, the other one being Larry.
    • He is the only fictional character in the series to actually be seen on screen.
  • He only chases Sal, not any of the other jokers, due to Sal having a fear of cats.
    • Benjamin the Cat is supposedly one of Q's real cats. Q has had Benjamin prior to the Impractical Jokers premiere.