Catastrophe is the fourth episode of Season Six of Impractical Jokers and the one-hundredth-thirty-first episode overall. It aired on March 2, 2017.


The guys pose as trainees at a organic food shop and compete at a mall to untangle their phone cords before having their pants pulled down by a special actor.


Training Daze

Goal: Do and say what you're told.
Loser: Sal

Pants Party

Goal: Get a stranger to untangle your headphones.
Loser: All of them.
The guys are trying to get a stranger to help untangle extremely tangled up headphones, while tryig to avoid being pantsed by an actor. All of the jokers lost.


Loser: Sal
Punishment: Q had to face his fear of tarantulas in the last episode, now he wants revenge by giving Sal the same treatment with cats. Sal said that cats are worse than tarantulas, but since Q adores cats, he isn't convinced. Q was given the word "pumpernickel", so for a joke increase if Sal thinks he is having enough, he can just shout "whole wheat", of course, nothing will happen. They start off with five week old kittens, Sal didn't react to much but like he said in the previous punishment "start off light"; that's what they did. During the second stage is where he is covered in adult cats, which caused him to say "whole wheat". Stage 2 finally ended; where in stage 3, Q puts a steak and cat food on Sal's chest, and tortures him with a fake cat arm, a little later he calls in "the biggest cat of all", Sal believed it to be a tiger and didn't want it near him, but it turns out it's Benjamin (which Sal is used to), and crawls onto Sal and humps him. According to Impractical insider, this is only Q's revenge on Sal, and he's focusing on getting them all.