This article is about the challenge. For the episode, see Charity Case.

Charity Cases is a challenge where the jokers had to get a donation for their fake charities and it appeared on the episodes Theater del Absurdo and Browbeaten.

Charity work

Come On People


Theater del Absurdo

This is the first challenge in the episode.

  • Joe failed the challenge because he couldn't get a donation for "Handjobs across America", a parody of "Hands Across America".
  • Sal got a woman to donate to Kolonics For Kids", a parody of "Kars 4 Kids". He says that nothing goes in the kids, they just "squeeze them". He also got an old lady to donate to "Surprise Funeral", but not before having a laughing attack about it.
  • Murr got a guy to donate to Come On People. He claims that guys, girls, and everyone can "come on people" and that he loves "come on people". He also confuses the other guys by getting a donation for a charity called, believe it or not, "Fake Charity".
  • Q got a strange shirtless man to donate to Get That Kid Out Of That Well, claiming that it's to get stupid kids out of falling into wells. The guy donated, but gave him a death threat saying he will kill Q and everyone in the neighborhood if the money went to the wrong place. Q also surprised the other guys by getting a donation for a charity called "Don't Rock the Goat" without even telling the guy what the charity is for.

Sal's reaction when he sees the charity name and it's to an old woman.


This is the second and final challenge of the episode.

  • Sal lost.
  • Murr lost.
  • Joe won (though only because the donor mistakenly puts a dollar in the jar as a tip)
  • Q won.