Enter the Dragons is the twenty-third episode of Season Two of Impractical Jokers and the fortieth episode overall. It originally aired on October 24, 2013 and it had a total of 1.08 million U.S. viewers.



What Goes Up…

Goal: Complete at least one task before the top of the escalator.
Loser: Joe

The Jokers must hog up an escalator and do a task before they get to the top. They do not know their task until they get up. This is the second challenge with an on-the-spot goal, the first being City Lickers from Do Something To My Face.

Careless Whispers

Goal: Get someone to whisper back.
Loser: Sal, Joe, and Murr

The guys had to whisper something to a person, trying to get them to whisper back. Q was the only winner.

Animal Antics

Joker vs. Joker: Sal vs. Joe.

Goal: Ask all of the question you have been given.
Loser: Sal

Joker vs. Joker Challenge between Joe and Sal, they had to ask questions at a zoo.


Loser: Sal and Joe
Punishment: Sal and Joe were the big losers, and were punished at an "Imagine Dragons" concert. They had to open for the band. The catch, they didn't know what the band was called, they were forced to do read the speech that Q and Murr had prepared, and they didn't know how to play instruments. The band was called Senora Lonza and the songs performed were Look Mommy I'm A Rockstar and Shut Your Face Grandma