In Poor Taste Buds is the twenty-sixth episode of Season Three of Impractical Jokers and the seventy-first episode overall. It aired on September 25, 2014.


The Jokers serve up some tips teaching indoor tennis and return to the park for another game of "Now!"


Tennis Chumps

Goal: Do and say what you're told
Loser: Murr lost because he refused to ask his client to play a game of "strip tennis."

The guys pose as tennis instructors and must do and say whatever the guys tell them.

Now! Again!

Goal: Perform the given task when you're told "Now!"
Loser: Nobody

The guys play a game of Now!. Murr had to say "Right here Peter!", Q had to eat several pieces of gum, Sal had to give a stranger tons of dollar bills, and Joe had to present his crotch in a grand fashion. All 4 jokers won.


Loser(s): Murr
Punishment: The jokers are at the Downtown Conference Center, where Murr will be playing a culinary expert, presenting foods from around the world, but with him being tonight's big loser, Murray won't be able to taste or say anything during the presentation, because the jokers are going to shoot up his mouth with tons of Novocaine. Dr. Daniel Sullivan of Paramount Oral Surgery will be providing him with the injection. The Novocaine starts to take effect as the presentation begins. Many can understand Murr prides himself in clean appearances; it was a good thing, like many culinary artists, he had an apron on for the punishment, as the food he is tasting was splattering all over him.