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Sal's Sister kissing Q

Jenna Vulcano is the younger sister of Sal Vulcano. She has appeared in a total of three episodes, all of which involve her being seen in intimate and/or inappropriate siutations with the other three jokers, much to Sal's chagrin. Her first episode cameo was in Strip High Five along with Joe's sister. The second was of her in a slideshow Joe and Sal were presenting for a vacation resort, which pictures that involved her kissing Q, standing with a naked Q, and in bed with Q and Murr.

In the Season 3 finale, Brother-in-Loss, Jenna legally married Murr in front of Sal, his family, and friends, serving as Sal's punishment. The marriage was legal, but annulled soon after. This was the first time she was seen in-person with the jokers, rather than in video. Murr stated that this prank was revenge for his skydiving punishment; Sal got his revenge on Murr for this prank one season finale later.


Her wedding with Murr