Live Punishment Special is the twenty-first episode of Season Four of Impractical Jokers and the ninety-eighth episode overall. It aired on September 3, 2015.


This live one-hour special is hosted by Howie Mandel in New York City to commemorate the show's 100th episode. The pre-taped challenges shown: The guys conduct interviews while the others try to make them laugh from behind a window, fake injuries at a grocery store, and cross off their "bucket list" items.


Now You See Me...

Goal: Don't laugh.
Loser: Joe, Murr, and Sal

Injurious Basterds

Goal: Get shoppers to believe your story.
Loser: Joe, Murr, and Sal

Kick the Bucket List

Goal: Convince a stranger to help you with your bucket list.
Loser: Joe


Loser: Joe
Punishment: Joe is the loser of the pre-taped challenges. He has to reprise his role as "Captain Fatbelly" from a previous punishment. The Jokers who attempt a walk on the tight-rope earn $10,000, while the Joker who walked the farthest earns $50,000. All the prize winnings go to their charities. Q is the only one to make it across the whole rope, making him the winner. Murr walks 9.7 feet, Sal walks 9.2 feet, and Joe walks 5 feet.