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Joe losing

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Joe losing again

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Bigger in Texas loss

Q losing

Q losing

When a Joker does not complete the Goal given in the challenge, he receives a loss. These losses will be recorded on the Loser Board, appearing underneath the name of the Joker that earned the loss, and whoever has the most losses will be declared "Tonight's Big Loser" and get punished. The standard symbol of a loss is a thumbs down in a red circle.
Thumbs down

The thumbs-down symbol.

Variations of the Loss

  • From Season Two onwards, there has been a "Double or Nothing", where they get two losses on one challenge. These are rare.
  • On very rare occasion a failure to complete a task can result in a disqualification. This happened to Murr in Human Pinata when the task was to get a hug after an apology: he said his plan was fool-proof & when he began his attempt to apologize, the victim dismissed him before Murr could even say anything. For the miserable failure the jokers disqualified Murr from the round.
  • Some challenges are about who can do the most of something. If a Joker does the least, they get a loss.
  • In Bigger in Texas, the Thumbs-down sign was in a sheriff badge. However on the Loser Board, they still show up as a regular thumbs-down.
  • In Paradise Lost, A sad Tiki takes the place of the thumbs down sign.
  • In Season Two and Season Three, a joker can take a loss on the whole episode if another joker does a hard task. If the task is complete, the person who made the bet automatically loses, even if someone else has more losses. The first time this was shown was in Do Something To My Face.

Q getting disqualified

  • Forfeits count as an automatic loss for the competing Joker.
  • If a joker tells the strangers they are on a hidden camera show during his challenge, he is disqualified and loses the challenge.
  • If a joker is caught cheating during a challenge, the other jokers can give him a loss for it.