Mall Rats is a challenge where the jokers have to do and say what they are told at the mall and it appeared on the episode called Theater del Absurdo. They were posing a small employees at the help kiosk.

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Santiago's first reference in this challenge


Joe refused to ask a large breasted woman if she is here for the "Let Joe Gatto Touch Your Boobs Event". Earlier, he told an unattended little boy that he would be euthanized if he didn't find his parents.


Murr did what he was told. He crab walked and asked girls for a spot on his pants.

Sal did what he was told. He told a couple, "Can I tell you guys something? I don't like you." He also introduced Santiago, an evil man that "sends people over here". He asked a woman if Santiago sent her.

Free Pass

Q got a pass in this challenge. He was allowed to skip the challenge but still win it.