No Good Deed is the third episode of Season Seven of Impractical Jokers and the 155th episode overall. It aired on February 15, 2018.


Q, Sal, Murr and Joe compete in a focus group face-off, convincing people that their TV show ideas are the tops, and tonight's losers might get run out of town when they reveal their financial mismanagement plan to charity donors.


Pitch Imperfect

Goal: Get the most votes.
Losers: Sal and Joe


Goal: Do and say what you’re told
Losers: no one


Losers: Joe and Sal
Punishment: At a fundraising event for the Algonquin Arts Theatre, Joe and Sal present to charity donors how they spent the money on ridiculous and insensitive projects.


  • This is the second episode where Joe and Sal are both punished together, the other being Enter the Dragons.