Out of Fashion is the thirteenth episode of Season Two of Impractical Jokers and the thirtieth episode overall. It aired on February 7, 2013 and it had a total of 2.08 million U.S. viewers.


The guys host a taste test with uncomfortable survey questions afterward, negotiate for worthless items at a flea market, work as attendants at a gas station and do a Joker vs. Joker challenge talking to strangers at the park.



Goal: Ask every question.
Loser: Murr wouldn't ask a flirty question with a woman who was with her husband.

While the guys run a cheese testing booth at a grocery store, they must read every survey question the other guys asked.

Flea Bitten

Goal: Sell an item using the story you are given.
Loser: Murr couldn't sell an item "he stole from a Native American funeral home" and Q with his mirror that "metaphorically" films people getting changed.

The guys must sell some items despite their weird pasts created by the other guys. If the item isn't sold, they lose.

Whoa Whoa Whoa

Joker vs. Joker: Sal vs. Q

Goal: Have a conversation with a stranger for at least 30 seconds.
Loser: Q couldn't even say what he needed for the conversation, leading to an automatic loss.

Joker vs. Joker Challenge with Sal and Q. The goal is to keep a conversation going for 30 seconds with a random topic the other guys gave.

It's a Gas

Goal: Do and say what you're told.
Loser: Q couldn't get himself to insult someone else's car. Instead, he said it was one of the best cars he's worked on.

At a pumping gas station, the guys must do and say what they are told while posing as employees.


Loser: Q
Punishment: Q was the loser and hosted a fashion show with odd outfits and strange models. First was an extreme grunge goth, along with someone who looked like a clone of Q, some little kids in brown potato sacks, and finally someone dressed as a coffin. Q awkwardly said "If you don't dress well, you might as well be dead." Two people left during the show mid-way and Q, in a face-saving gesture, claimed that he designed their outfits and that they were "surprise models."