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Pick a Loser is the sixteenth episode of Season One of Impractical Jokers and the sixteenth episode overall. It originally aired on April 26, 2012 and it had a total of 1.12 million U.S. viewers.   The Inside Jokes version aired on November 18, 2019


The Jokers try to kiss strangers, eat food out of other people's shopping carts, play word games with people in a bookstore, pose as professional photographers and invade people's conversations for 30 seconds. Later, the loser must pick a winner at a baseball game.


Bite Me

Goal: Eat from a stranger's cart.
Loser: Q only ate one item because he attracted attention to the guy after he left his cart.

The guys can eat out of customers' shopping carts and try to eat the most groceries. The joker who eats the least loses.

Kiss Kiss

Joker vs. Joker: Murr vs. Sal

Goal: Get a kiss from a stranger.
Loser: No one.

At a park, Murr and Sal are in a Joker vs. Joker Challenge. The goal is to get a stranger to kiss them. The stranger has to kiss back or they lose. Both won the challenge so neither got a Loss. By the way, for a month afterwards, Murr dated the woman who kissed him.

Repeat After Me

Goal: Get a stranger to repeat a word.
Loser: Q, who couldn't get someone to say Hambone. Sal lost because he cheated to get someone to say Gherkin and got caught.

The guys are in a bookstore. They are given a specific word and must get a stranger to say the word.

Say Cheesy

Goal: Get a tip
Loser: Q got no tips after the woman saw the "MILF" backdrop

The jokers have a photo booth and must take pictures of people and get a tip to avoid loss. Murr got a Free Pass and didn't have to do the challenge.

Conversation Crashers

Joker vs Joker: Joe vs. Sal

Goal: Crash a stranger's conversation for 30 seconds.
Loser: Sal only got 25/30 seconds before getting kicked out.

The jokers need to invade another group of strangers' conversation and stay in there for 30 seconds without getting kicked out.


Loser: Q
Punishment: Q is at a packed baseball game where he sits in a seat and is told to pick his nose. Then the Jokers tell him to look up at the game's TV screen which shows Q's nose-picking in front of everyone at the stadium. After Q sees the screen, the other guys make him have to eat it.


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