Psychotic Not-line is the ninth episode of Season Two of Impractical Jokers and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 3, 2013 and it had a total of 2.01 million U.S. viewers.


The guys shake hands with department store shoppers, spin "The Wheel of Doom" at the park, and work at a hibachi restaurant.


Case of the Shakes

Goal: Shake a stranger's hands as long as possible.
Loser: Q lost with 6 seconds because he confused the stranger with strange quotes while attempting to shake the guy's hand.

The guys have to shake their hands for as long as possible with a total stranger. Whoever shakes their hand the least loses.

Wheel of Doom

Goal: Complete the task assigned by the Wheel of Doom.
Loser: no one

The guys spin the Wheel of Doom. Sal had to kiss a stranger's abs, Q and Joe both won $20 from each joker, and Murr had to clip someone's toenails. All 4 of them won.


Joker vs. Joker: Q vs. Sal

Goal: Complete assigned tasks or lose.
Loser: Sal

The guys work at Hibachi where they must do and say what they're told by the other guys. This was a double down challenge. Sal was the only loser.


Loser: Sal
Punishment: With a double-down loss, Sal was the big loser. He had to pose as a psychic in front of a crowd. He can't leave until he makes an accurate prediction.