Scarytales is the seventh episode of the Season Three of Impractical Jokers and the fifty-second episode overall. It aired on February 13, 2014 and it had a total of 1.24 million U.S. viewers.


The Jokers attend a singles' gathering and ask strangers in the park if they can borrow their phones.


Singles' Night

Goal: Do and say what you're told.
Loser: Q wouldn't tell an insurance agent her job was boring

The guys are at a single's meeting and they have to do and say what they are told

Can I Borrow Your Phone?

Goal: Get someone's phone.
Loser: Q wouldn't tell them that he was calling his coroner to start a racist cover band

The guys have to ask somebody for their phone so they can call whoever the other jokers tell them and for whatever reason the other jokers tell them and whoever can't get a stranger to hand them their phone loses.


Loser: Q
Punishment: Q has to read his new children's book to a bunch of children and the book was written by the other jokers called The Remarkable Misadventures of Q the Dung Beetle.


Inside Jokes