The Alliance is the twenty-first episode of Season Two of Impractical Jokers and the thirty-eight episode overall. It aired on September 5, 2013 and it had a total of 1.41 million U.S. viewers.


The guys go head-to-head trying to avoid laughing during slide show presentations, search for celebrity look-alikes again in the park, and vote for each other to do horrible challenges using paddles with their names on them.


Keep it Together

Goal: Get through the presentation without laughing.
Loser: Sal and Brian "Q" Quinn got too many laughs.

The guys make odd presentations to a focus group about online safety. There are two jokers on each side. They wrote the slides for the other joker and the goal is not to laugh at the other person's slides. Whoever laughs the most loses.


Joker vs. Joker: Murr vs. Joe

Goal: Get a person to guess which celebrity they look like.
Loser: Murr, not because he couldn't get someone to guess, but because he refused to say one of the hints. The hint was "Heavy set broad from the talk show" but Murr refused, instead saying that the woman looked like a princess.

Joker vs. Joker Challenge with Murr And Joe in a park trying to get someone to guess a celebrity while the other guys are giving fake hints that lead to nobody.

Impractical Voters

Goal: Complete the task you pick.
Loser: Murr, Sal, and Joe lost the bet with Q that Q couldn't unzip someone's fly, which he did.

The jokers have paddles with their names on them. There is a bingo-like machine to spin for a challenge. The jokers vote for who has to do the challenge. This challenge gets rigged when the other jokers make Q do all the challenges.


Loser: Joe, Murr, and Sal
Punishment: Since Joe, Sal, and Murr lost the bet, they all got punished and had to answer questions about Q at "Q Falls", a waterfall cliff. There are green spots, yellow spots, and a red spot to stand on. All three start on green, but they have to move to yellow if they answer a question wrong, and red if they answer two questions wrong. At three questions, they are out and must jump off the cliff. Two have to jump off the cliff and one gets to stay on the top of the cliff and the winner and "Q's best friend". Despite a bad start, Joe wins and doesn't have to jump off.