Virtual Insanity is the fifteenth episode of Season Five of Impractical Jokers and the one-hundredth-seventeenth episode overall. It aired on July 28, 2016.


The guys bark up the wrong tree at a pet store, play a game of catch with groceries' in the supermarket, and try to get strangers' signatures for ridiculous causes.


Pet Shop Boyz

Goal: Do and say what you're told.
Loser: Sal and Q

Over the Shoulder

Goal: Catch the most items without getting caught.
Loser: Joe and Sal

Signature Moves

Joker vs. Joker: Q vs Joe

Goal: Get a signature for your petition.
Loser: no one


Loser: Sal
Punishment: Sal is locked in a virtual reality room, where he is forced to play a horror game entitled "the sisters", as he is easily terrified. Just when the game ends, though, the other jokers lock him in the room, and the game comes to reality. Features a special appearance from Benjamin Cat at the end.


Inside Jokes


  • This is another of the lot of episodes when the other jokers make that Benjamin the Cat scares Sal at the end of the episode.
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