Water Torture is the seventeenth episode of Season Five of Impractical Jokers and the one-hundredth-eighteenth episode overall. It aired on August 11, 2016.


The guys head to the mall completing challenges while spinning the "Wheel of Faces", ask "Did I Deserve That?" to confused customers at a coffee shop after being thrown water, and save strangers from being shot with a water gun while saying something very awful to the stranger.


Wheel of Faces

Goal: Complete the assigned task.
Loser: Sal

Did I Deserve That?

Goal: Convince someone you didn't deserve it.
Loser: no one.

From Hero to Zero

Goal: Say the awful line to the stranger.


Loser: Sal
Punishment: In the second ever "surprise punishment" of the show's existence, the Jokers head to the park to shoot a challenge where a child actor has to shoot a stranger and a Joker has to save that person from becoming wet, and afterwards, say a terrible thing to the person of whom they saved. Sal was chosen to go first in the challenge. However, the "child actor" of whom they sent out kept on messing up the challenge, making the guys (Joe, Q, Murr) create a punishment unbeknownst to Sal. The child kept on messing up the challenge, making Sal very upset at the crew and the guys. This goes on and on and eventually Sal walks off set, angry. Afterwards, the guys reveal to Sal that this was his punishment and the whole crew, even the "child actors" were in the whole prank also.


Inside Jokes


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