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The Guys at White Castle

White Castle
 is a fast food restaurant chain where the jokers pull pranks at several time throughout the series.

Season 1

This is the very first challenge in the episode Pay It Forward. The Jokers need to get a tip. If they do not get a tip, they receive a loss. Sal receives a loss, the first loss in the whole show.

In episode 10, A Loser Presents, they return, asking for a tip. Joe is seen shirtless with an apron on in this episode. Q's dad also appears during Q's turn. Q and Murr do not get tips in this episode, and they lose.

Season 2

It is seen again in Birds and the Bees. The guys come back to White Castle, this time, they work at the drive through. Q has to pretend he's sick, Murr has to slingshot a burger slider, Joe has to pretend to yell at a coworker, and Sal has to do the same "Hey Mustache" comments that were made in Costco in the first episode. Q and Murr get no tips and receive a Loss. As of these episodes, Joe is the only one to have passed all the White Castle challenges..